2022 Term 1 Junior & Youth Dodgeball class registrations are now open! 

Rebound Junior and Youth Dodgeball is a non-competitive and fun after school program designed to build social skills, confidence and encourages healthy and active children. Classes will run on Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm. Each class will be running over a 9 week term in line with the current Queensland school terms. The class will run for 1 hour and will include a 10 minute warm up and 5 minute warm down. 



* Classes will be programmed by an accredited coach.

* The start date for all Junior/Youth Dodgeball Classes is the 3rd February with the term ending on the 31st March

* Classes will be running after school on Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm. The prep program will start from 

   3:30pm. The Junior Dodgeball classes will run in the 4pm session and the Youth Dodgeball classes will run at 


* The prep program will be focused on fine motor skills and working within a team that will run for 30 minutes. 

* The Junior Dodgeball classes are suitable for primary school-aged students aged 6-9 years old

* The Youth Dodgeball classes are suitable for children aged 9-12 years old

* Both boys and girls are welcome 


Groups of children are encouraged to join together to be in the same class.  Individual registrations will be placed into classes based on their age, skill level and confidence level. 


We will be playing 6 children per side with each class having a total of 12 children maximum and a minimum of 6 children per class. 



$135 per child for the term (Payment upon registration)